“BLOOD CONNECT” - Making emergency connections - an initiative of Amma Social Welfare Association

What does Blood Connect do?

  • When there is a patient in emergency need of blood, Blood connect tries to find a donor.


  • Blood Connect Team does the following
  • Cross-check request: Call the patient attendees and confirm details
  • Call potential Donors: Filter the potential donors based on location and blood group. Call them.
  • Connect Patient and Donor: Share contact information.
  • Take feedback after 10 days: Check if everything happened well. Take feedback. Request for support.


  • Many patients do not want to share about the illness within the family circle and would like to keep it confidential. So, they seek support outside.
  • Sometimes in a state of panic, they do not know where to go.
  • Many requests are being submitted, but no organized mechanism to solve the requests.

BloodConnect Services

Request for Blood Here

Register as a Blood Donor Here

Give feedback after getting blood donation Here


#13-104, P & T Colony,
Gaddi Annaram,
Dilsukh Nagar,
Telangana, India.


#13-120, 2nd Floor,
Christian Colony,
Shadnagar, Ranga Reddy Dist.,
Hyderabad - 509216.
Telangana, India.

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